Books On The Medical Conspiracy

Are you sick? Would like like to get well naturally? Would you like to know how to stay well? You've come to the right place. Below are books on how to get well and stay well.
If you have no insurance, don't worry, you don't need it if you follow God's plan on healthy living.
More books will be added as time permits. For now, we have books that will get you started.

Great articles will be posted on this blog that will help you in your goal for regaining health. So, be sure to bookmark this site, as a lot more “politically incorrect” healthy healing books will be added as time goes on.


Fatty Liver Detox

You may have heard the term, "fatty liver detox" but do not know what it means. A fatty liver detox is the use of a diet that will specifically detoxify the liver. It's a diet that will start the reversal of the cells affected by fatty liver disease to normal. This is not making any type of medical claim; the liver is one of the only organs in the body that we know of that can and does regenerate itself when you give it what it needs.

A fatty liver detox may be a juice cleanse or a diet with specific foods. Here's an example of a fatty liver detox that is a juice cleanse:

Breakfast: Wake Me Up Juice - Carrot-Apple-Strawberry-Spinach-Lemon Juice
Lunch: Green Juice Supreme - Tomato-Kale-Spinach-Parsley-Carrot-Bell Pepper-Cilantro Juice
Dinner: Beauty Juice - Carrot-Bell Pepper-Cucumber-Parsnip-Celery Juice

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Fatty Liver Remedy™

Early signs that the kidneys may be diseased include  blood or protein in the urine or elevated blood pressure readings and if you already know your kidneys are in trouble...

So, if the thought of having worsening kidney disease... and going on dialysis fills you with dread..Then it's time to get proactive and make some lifestyle changes to help overcome your Kidney disease problems and keep you off the operating table for good!

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Like all things medically related, you will not be told the truth by the doctors. One reason, that they were never told the truth to begin with. Big Pharma makes billions of dollars a year from the sickness industry and they don't want to see this top. Again, this is nothing more than another conspiracy.

For every disease or condition, there is a natural and safe solution. It's also much, much cheaper. The links you find here will tell more about that particular disease and what you can do about it right from your home.

Your purchases also support the CFE Ministry. Thank you can God Bless.

Toenail fungus starts off as a mere white or yellow spot. Overlooked by many, toenail fungus is considered to be nothing more than just a cosmetic embarrassment. So, most of the times, women try to cover it up with nail polish, while men simply choose to ignore it.

That is until the fungus begins to creep in and toenails turn brittle and begin crumbling on the edges.

And so for many people who made the mistake of ignoring this apparently harmless condition, the true horror story begins. To read more on the banner below.


Christians Prove Science Wrong – Again!

Who said science is always right?

If you only believed then science, then you would think that there is no cure for diabetes.

Well, this is where science got it wrong.

You see, the researchers at the Christian Science Institute have re-discovered an ancient method hidden inside script that actually reverses diabetes!

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